EtherCAT Gateway and Communication Module


AP712 is the protocol converter for sophisticated conversions and supports 2-port Real-Time 10/100 EtherCAT to RS485, Modbus, Fieldbus and Real-Time Ethernet to Ethernet conversions. It supports slave and master functionality in any combination. The AP712 allows you to seamlessly inter-connect PLC control systems and their connected devices between EtherCAT and AP7 Series modules as well as any Modbus RTU networks.


  • Protocols Support
    • Flexible use of Modbus RTU as Master or Slave
    • Performs complete serial protocol conversion, no PLC function blocks required
    • Built-in real time diagnostic to increase highly efficiency of device management
  • EtherCAT Features
    • 2x RJ45 EtherCAT connectors
    • Complete EtherCAT 10/100 Slave support
    • Compatible with all PLCs with EtherCAT support
    • Supports CANopen over EtherCAT
    • Max 512 bytes of Input and 512 bytes of Output data (PDO + SDO)
    • Baudrate 100 Mbit/s full duplex
    • 4 FMMU channels (can be used freely by the EtherCAT master for any purpose.)
    • 4 SM channels
    • Bit-oriented FMMU operation
    • Position addressing, node addressing and logical addressing
    • PDI Watchdog
    • Output I/O Sync Manager Watchdog
    • Integrated switch allowing for a daisy-chain topology


    • General EtherCAT Gateway Module for PLC, DCS  and SCADA Data Communication

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