8 Channel Versatile High Speed Analog Inputs


AP798 Analog Input Module uses high-speed, low-power analog-to-digital converters (ADC) with high common mode voltage and  differential inputs that allow each channel to be sampled simultaneously with a sample rate of 10 microseconds and communicates using the Modbus RTU serial protocol. With fast simultaneous sampling analog inputs and DSP capabilities, AP798 is ideal for High speed closed-loop controls and a special choice for rotary machines condition monitoring systems.


  • Input Types
    • 8 Differential Analog Inputs with Dedicated 100KSPS 18-Bit ADC per Channel
    • Input Ranges: ±2.5V, ±5, ±10V, 0~5mA, 4~20mA, 0~20mA  (Software-Selectable)
    • Simultaneous Sampling of all Inputs; Minimum Data Skew
    • Sampling Rates to 100 KSPS per Channel (Max 1MSPS in Single Channel Mode)
    • Differential, Wide Common Mode Range Inputs
  • ADC Accuracy
    • Guaranteed 18-Bit Measurement, No Missing Codes
    • Internal Autocalibration capability of all Channels


  • Signal Processing
    • Integrated DSP Blocks for DFT and FFT Calculations
    • Sync and Trigger Input Support External Control
  • Isolation
    • 3000V Group Isolation and ±30V Inputs Common Mode Voltage
  • Protection
    • Fault, Over Voltage, Surge and ESD Protected Inputs
  • Sampling
    • 18-Bit Simultaneous Measurement  Inputs with more than 100K Samples/S
  • Trigger
    • 4 Channel 24V Digital Inputs for Hardware Trigger
  • DSP
    • Integrated Floating-Point DSP Unit for Frequency Domain Analyzis


    • Rotatory Machines Condition Monitoring
    • Vibration Analysis
    • Acoustic Sensor Arrays
    • Analog Event Capture
    • Biometric Signal Analysis
    • Dynamic Test Systems
    • General High-Speed Data Acquisition with FFT analysis
    • Power Line Monitoring
    • Test and Measurement

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