The AP7 DAQ hardware series make us able to quickly setup a smart modular data-logger system, which allows for expansion of input channels and for synchronizing several machine back to a single control. Additional modules fit onto your existing unit to provide additional inputs that will suit different applications. It is also possible to mix measurements by adding different types of modules. Modules currently available allow for Voltage, High Voltage Voltage/Temperature, High Speed Voltage, Strain Gauge, Piezoelectric devices module and Logic/Pulse inputs, plus additional modules will be released in the future to allow for other inputs. A Voltage Output module is also currently available.

What we offer

NAFUN Data Logger is an easy-to-use remote data manager, using a web-based application and hardware modules.

high speed modular data acquisition unit that can be built up to fit a variety of different applications with a selection of different modules available to provide voltage, temperature or digital inputs along with voltage and alarm outputs.

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