o Fast, Powerful and Reliable
o Industrial Temperature Grade -40 ͦC to +85 ͦC
o Ultra Fast Boot Time in Just 5 Seconds
o Embedded Linux Operating System
o Rugged Designed Mechanical Stress Tolerant with No Optical or Magnetic Storage Disks
o Fanless Design and Silent operation
o Rich Port counts
o Dual EtherCAT Ports
o Five Gigabit Ethernet Ports
o PROFIBUS Powered
o Data Diode Terminal (Optional)
o Fiber Optic Ring Terminal (Optional)
o Satellite Time Synchronization
o WiFi
o Redundancy Port
o High-performance ARM processor
o Fanless cooling system and ultra-low Power consumption
o PoE enabled
o Wide-range power input 9-28V DC or 85V ~ 254V DC/AC input

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