NAFUN Paperless Recorder

The modular paperless recorder is designed to match all your applications in the future. If your applications change, your NAFUN Paperless Recorder can be upgraded with an extension in I/O modules. The extension rail will add desired slots and then you can have up to 256 analogue channels or mix various measurement cards.

Nafun Paperless recorder features touch-screen display and menu-driven interface. Setup and operation is easy—simply touch desired menu options. Backlit LCD screen presents data in either bar graph, digital, or graphical format.
Recorder accepts up to 256 inputs with appropriate input modules. Choose from input modules that accept DC voltage and current, thermocouples, RTDs, or frequency and rpm signals
  • Novel wall mount method with No need to engrave the wall
  • Panel size From 7” to 21”
  • Flexible I/O Tags count From 6 to more than 256 Inputs
  • Flexible I/O capability using the AP7 Series I/O Modules
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