Events & Alarms

  • Events and alarms are types of gates activated or deactivated in relation to the value of an associated reference tag. A dedicated area of the screen allows an instantaneous display of alarms. Access to online information (active or not managed events) and historical (event beginning and end) is organized according to different freely assignable classes (e.g. priority, location, capability). In addition to date and time, any event can be associated with the value of multiple gates in order to provide a picture of the state of the system at the time of the onset of the event. Simple code routines allow sending of emails or SMSs on the occurrence of particular events.


  • Reports contain a collection of historical information (production data, process quality, alarms) to be directly examined by production managers or imported and processed later by other Windows applications (e.g. Excel). In the first case reports are explanatory documents, drawn up in a predefine format, available on screen, printed or saved on disk as pdf files. In the second case, reports consist of files in a CSV format with data records registered at predefined time intervals. Reports can be either requested by the operator, or automatically generated on a cyclic basis (time interval, day of the week, etc.), or triggered by a specific condition (e.g. production end).


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